Retrofitting Service

fourquarters can Retrofit an inaccessible website - make it accessible

fourquarters' retrofitting service can take an old, inaccessible website, and convert the code behind it to make it accessible - compliant with the latest WCAG 2.0 and HTML5 standards, without compromising your original design, or with a fresh new, up to date design.

Organisations taking advantage of this service include Manchester FA - for their Partially Sighted World Championships website - work for which we received a Special Commendation for the Big Chip Accessibility Award; and also Verbalise, for the website advertising their text-to-speech products.

Mobile Solutions: fourquarters can Retrofit an inaccessible website to make it viewable on mobile devices - including the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

An accessible website, moreover, can be given a special makeover - not changing the site as seen on a pc at all - to make it easily viewable on mobile devices.

Web Creation

fourquarters can solve your web presence and intranet needs, and tailor each project to your requirements.

Accessible and Compatible Code

All of our websites are CSS controlled, W3C Standards Compliant, and meet the latest Web Accessibility Standards, as required by DDA, SENDA and IEG. Our sites are both cross-compatible for different browsers and different platforms and backwardly compatible for older browsers.

Easy Maintenance

We offer:

Flexible Service

We offer a range of services to suit your needs:

Comprehensive WebCreation Projects

We can provide the complete web development package for you to begin from scratch with the (re)creation of your online presence and your intranet data-sharing network

Template Creation Projects

Or we can provide just the Templates for an accessible, attractive new site, for your administrators to rebuild your site with - and the training they need to make the best use of it.